Unique Photo Booth Ideas

Are you planning on using a photo booth at your wedding? There are so many creative ways to incorporate your wedding theme into your guests’ pictures. We have pulled together some of our favorite wedding photo backdrops for you to look at.

Balloons are a super fun and easy way to incorporate your wedding colors into the photos.  If you want to customize them a little more, you can order balloons with your wedding date or other sweet sayings printed on them. Paper chain walls are another inexpensive option for your photo booth. You and your bridesmaids can spend an evening putting them together during a movie marathon. Add props like mustaches, kissing lips, and glasses and you have a cute photo opportunity for guests.

collage 2

Balloon wall inspired by: Wedding Wire
Paper chain wall inspired by: Wedding Chicks

You can also hang a panel of damask or other printed fabric and provide your guests with an ornate or brightly colored frame so they can take individual or group pictures in a fun, unique way. If you are having an outdoor wedding, hanging a rustic frame from a tree branch and allowing the surrounding scenery to be the background makes a lovely photo.

collage 4

Fabric photo wall inspired by: Andy Gaines
Metallic backdrop: Oh Happy Day
Floating rustic frame inspired by: Style Me Pretty

These light up initials are so unique! We love this idea for a Hollywood or modern themed wedding. Another fun idea incorporates colorful streamers and paper flowers as a backdrop which creates a beautiful picture, especially for an outdoor wedding. The best thing about this particular backdrop is that it is really easy to customize the streamers to fit your colors.

collage 1

Light up initials inspired by: The Woman’s Lounge
Flowers and streamer backdrop inspired by: Wed Over Heels

Great props can make the difference for a photo booth. Chalk board speech bubbles allow your guests to send you a personalized message, making the pictures double as your guest book! Photo frame walls are also another popular idea. Gluing framed pictures of your and your groom’s family onto a foam core wall and adding empty frames for guests to put themselves in creates an adorable look.

collage 3

Chalk board speech bubbles inspired by: Wedding Chicks
iPad photo booth inspired by: Pad Gadget
Framed family photos inspired by: Crafterholic

If you would like to create one of these booths, but don’t want to hire a photographer to man it, there are now apps for the iPad that allow guests to take the photos themselves. All you need is the app and an iPad tripod which can be found online. What fun!

Are you planning on having a unique photo booth at your wedding? Have you seen other unique photo booth ideas?

Personalizing Your Wedding

Recently, more and more couples have been asking our wedding team at Keith Watson Events for ideas on how to personalize their wedding. We always suggest that the bride and groom really allow their personalities to shine through in the little details of their wedding. For instance, interacting with guests and incorporating details that encompasses who the bride and groom are as a couple can make a wedding unique and memorable! Here are some ideas we were inspired by from Bridal Guide’s- 150+ Ways to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable.

When guests make their way to the restroom, give them something to chat about with fellow guests, like these cute his/hers sign featuring the couple’s baby photos posted on the doors. Add a personal flare to your decor by sharing fun facts about your relationship throughout the venue. Giving guests unique personalized favors such as this adorable “Do Not Disturb” sign for guests’ doors after attending your wedding, or this clever personalized fan shown below are all great ways to add those personal touches at your wedding!

personalized wedding idea inspiration board

Many brides also ask about recommendations for unique guest books, that are interactive as well as personalized. Below are some of our favorite guestbook ideas that will not only entertain guests, but will also give yet another personal touch to your wedding.

personalized guest book inspiration board

As a nod to a groom’s love of baseball, have guests  “autograph” balls and then display them in your home.  A few more creative ideas we loved include having  guests choose a word that describes the bride and groom in a dictionary, and then sign their name next to it, or have guests sign a Jenga piece, and later, you and your hubby can read the heart-felt messages while playing the game! Such cute and clever ideas!

What are some other ways you’ve seen couples personalize their weddings?