Ceremony Aisle Decor

Every bride dreams of the day when she will walk down the aisle.  But many are looking for something other than the traditional tulle and flowers. We have pulled together some of the most beautiful and uniquely decorated aisles to help inspire your walk on your big day!

We love the drama that this swirl design adds to the aisle. This lovely pattern is created using rose petals, and can be done in either one solid color, or multicolored. If you are looking for something a little more casual, these paper hearts lining the aisle add a unique charm. This aisle sets a fun and casual tone for the rest of the day.

Swirl aisle design inspired by: Elisabeth Hanne Designs Hearts aisle design inspired by:100 Layer Cake

Swirl aisle design inspired by: Elisabeth Hanne Designs
Hearts aisle design inspired by: 100 Layer Cake

We love the touch of blue used in these aisles. These lovely bouquets of hydrangeas and roses hung  from shepherds hooks and lined the aisle of our very own bride, Susan Browning Steiglitz, at her Santa Fe River Ranch wedding.   The colors of these arrangements were stunning, and created an elegant feel to this outdoor wedding.

Not every aisle runner has to be white. The soft white rose petals are the perfect finishing touch to this simple yet beautiful aisle.


Colorful aisles are so much fun! The swirl patterns around the edge of the aisle and the bright orange runner look great against the clean white in the rest of the room. The pink columns with flower arrangements add detail to the design of the aisle and match the columns on the altar. If you are looking for a more non-traditional aisle concept, try this unique spiral arrangement for your chairs. This design allows all of your guests to get a great view of you as you make your way to your I-do’s.  Accenting the entrance with bright floral arrangements and scattering rose petals along the edge adds just enough color while keeping the aisle clean and contemporary.

Colorful aisle design inspired by: Your Edmonton Wedding Swirl aisle design inspired by: Art of Weddings

Colorful aisle design inspired by: Your Edmonton Wedding
Swirl aisle design inspired by: Art of Weddings

If your ceremony will be held in a church, don’t worry, there are many ways to beautify your walk down the aisle too, as seen in these photos of past couple’s ceremonies.  Consider white flower arrangements placed on tall pedestals lining the aisle. The crystals hanging from the flowers added sparkle to this aisle at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Another option is to add simple bows to the end of each pew at St. Augustine Catholic Church.  The red petals and the pink ribbon created a beautiful romantic feel. If you are looking for something more causal, you can line your aisle with flower pomanders hanging from shepherds hooks. These can be done in many colors, accented with colored pearl heard pins.

aisle6Arranging your ceremony chairs in a circle around your chuppah or altar allows a 360 degree view for you and your guests. This arrangement works great for large square or irregularly shaped areas, and creates a beautiful symmetry for the space. If you are looking for something elegant for your aisle, this arrangement of stone columns and soft pink flowers would look lovely. The sheer fabric draped between columns softens the stone and gives a lovely airy feel to the aisle.

Flowered column aisle décor inspired by: I do I do I do I do Circle ceremony design inspired by: Art of Weddings

Flowered column aisle décor inspired by: I do I do I do I do
Circle ceremony design inspired by: Art of Weddings

For a more rustic outdoor wedding, there are still plenty of unique ways to dress up your aisle. We love this burlap runner for an outdoor wedding. The small flower arrangements on the edges of the chairs lining the aisle visually softens the rough fabric.  If you are having your ceremony under the open sky, consider a mirrored aisle. This design is created using individual plexi-glass mirrors and then lining the aisle with bright red ribbon or fabric. The reflection of the sky above looks amazing in photographs.

Mirrored aisle inspired by: Kands Photography Burlap aisle inspired by: Georgeous.com.au

Mirrored aisle inspired by: Kands Photography
Burlap aisle inspired by: Georgeous.com.au

Finally, these last two aisles will forever be classic and elegant. This first aisle is covered completely with multi colored rose petals. Accented by floating candles and rose petals in large hurricane vases, this aisle winds its way to the ceremony, allowing the bride and her father to share a sweet and intimate walk together. The long flowing ribbons on this next aisle create a romantic feel as they flutter in the breeze. The small arrangements on the corner of the chairs add a bit of simple elegance to this lovely aisle.

Petal aisle inspired by: Martha Stewart Weddings Ribbon aisle décor inspired by: Style Unveiled

Petal aisle inspired by: Martha Stewart Weddings
Ribbon aisle décor inspired by: Style Unveiled

What do you think about these unique designs? Do you plan on having a non-traditional aisle on your big day?


Great Gatsby Themed Party

A Great Gatsby or Roaring 20’s themed party is full of glamor and sparkle! Following the recent release of the movie “The Great Gatsby”, 1920’s themed parties have become a hot trend in events. Creating a party that takes your guests back to the Prohibition Era is easy. Start  with a classic pallet of black and gold and embellish with touches of crystal. For your tablescape, use simple patterned linens as a base and accent with gold rimmed charger plates or goldware for a more opulent feel. For the table numbers, opt for an art deco style cutout with a clean font for the numbers. Continue your art-deco feel with your food. Choose a clean geometric pattern for cakes or serve hors d’oeuvres on gold dishes.

Tablescape inspired by: Camille Styles  Table number inspired by: Style Unveiled Cakes inspired by: Lael Cakes Goldware inspired by: Ashley Bee Blog

Tablescape inspired by: Camille Styles
Table number inspired by: Style Unveiled
Cakes inspired by: Lael Cakes
Goldware inspired by: Ashley Bee Blog

We love these 20’s themed details that add that something special to the party. Instead of traditional chair sashes, consider a chair cover with beaded fringe, reminiscent of flirty flapper dresses. Pearl accents on napkin rings and in the floral design add a soft feel to the room.  For a more grand centerpiece, this feathered arrangement with orchids and crystals becomes a focal point in the room. We can’t forget the champagne! A champagne tower is a wonderful design element and is always a great hit with guests.

gatsby collage 2

Pearls inspired by: A Positively Beautiful Blog
Champagne tower inspired by: Champagne Macarons
Chair cover inspired by: Style Unveiled
Feathered centerpiece inspired by: Absolute Perfections

For a fun way to get your guests in the spirit, provide the male guests with fedoras and the female guests with long strands of pearls when they arrive. Continue the 20’s feel with a costumed live band to keep guests on the dance floor long into the night.

What do you think about throwing a Gatsby themed party? Are there any other ways to create a 1920’s feel?

Back to School

It’s that time of the year again! Children are back in school, and why not dress up your home with a little “back to school” decor to get the kids excited for this time of the year.

Wreaths are a great way to not only share your love for back to school with your family but also with your neighbors. Show them you creative side by displaying one of these adorable wreaths on your front door. Incorporating all different kinds of school supplies such as crayons, rulers, chalk boards, apples, etc. is an easy yet unique way to create “back to school” decor.

Back to School Wreath Inspiration Board

Ruler Wreath inspired by: Family Frugal Fun
Burlap Back to School Wreath inspired by: Etsy
Crayon Wreath inspired by: The Cutest Blog on The Block

Here are some cute ideas for “back to school” themed centerpieces at your home or even a unique idea to give to your children’s teachers! Again, using all sorts of school supplies in these centerpieces is a cost effective way to keep your tablescape bright and colorful and get kids in the school spirit! Adding fresh flowers such as daises, sunflowers, or carnations is another great idea to add pops of color to a table!

Back to School Centerpiece Inspiration Board

Pencils & Sunflower Centerpiece inspired by: Stubborns
Letter Magnets and Daisy Centerpiece inspired by: Hollyhocks & Honeybees
Colored Pencils and Sunflower Centerpiece inspired by: Catch my Party

Check out this awesome ruler table runner and pencil wall decor. These are easy DIY projects and would be great decor pieces that could easily be used every year when back to school rolls around to get kids excited!

Back to School Decor Inspiration Board

Pencil Wall Decor inspired by: Etsy
Ruler Table Runner inspired by: Flearing France

What do you think of these “back to school” decor ideas? What are some ways you get your children excited about the new school year?

Baby Shower Ideas

With all the recent talk about the royal baby, we decided to give our readers some tips on how to throw a beautiful and fun baby shower!

Not everyone is looking to break the bank when throwing a shower. That is why we geared more toward simple, yet elegant decor that almost anyone can replicate for an event. Centerpieces will definitely add to the ambiance at a shower, and floral is an easy way to add a pop of color. An elaborate arrangement is not needed, but a more simple, smaller arrangement will give your table a focal point and enhance guests’ experience.

Using mason jars or small glass bottles is definitely a cost effective and adorable idea to have a simple centerpiece arrangement on the tables at a shower. Wild flowers are currently trending for centerpiece designs at weddings, and this look can easily be used at a shower as well. We also love the fun idea of using baby’s breath at a baby shower! Fill a tin watering can or a galvanized bucket with baby’s breath and place on tables, and you have a perfect centerpiece for a small, outdoor gathering at a shower!

Baby Shower Centerpiece Inspiration Board

Centerpieces Inspired by: Martha Stewart

For an even more cost efficient arrangement for tables, we  like the idea of using a single flower placed in a tall, slender vase to create height on a table, or a single rose bud in a votive candle holder for a lower arrangement. How adorable are the champagne flutes filled with flowers as well!?

Baby Shower Centerpiece Inspiration Board- 2

Centerpieces Inspired by: Martha Stewart

Filling a cylinder vase with water dyed blue or pink to symbolize a boy or a girl topped with a floating candle is another creative way to save money by eliminating floral but still adding color to a tablescape.

baby shower idea-9

Centerpiece Inspired by: Martha Stewart

Getting guests involved at an event is a great way to increase enjoyment at a party. Fun games are easy to create for a baby shower. “Take a Guess” game is a unique place card displayed at each table setting for guests to partake in as they sit down to enjoy food.  A “Blindfolded Diaper Change” game is a great way to get guests on their feet and enjoy what this whole event is centered around – BABIES!

Creating unique baby themed favors is a great way to show appreciation for your guests’ attendance at the shower. Why not add a fun tag line to the favor boxes like the one shown below on the popcorn box, or a milk and cookies bar!

Baby Shower Gifts and Games Inspiration Board

“Ready to Pop” favor idea from: Ready to Pop Shop
“Take a Guess” game idea from: On to Baby
Cookie Bar favor idea from: Anchor

What are some other cute/unique ideas for decor, favors, games, etc. you’ve seen at baby showers?

Clavette-Polvere Wedding

Keith Watson Events was all over the map this summer, traveling to different tropical settings throughout Florida for a number of our brides’ destination weddings. We were so excited to be a part of the beautiful wedding of Stacey & Robbie Polvere at The Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater, Florida. This breathtaking oceanside resort was a perfect venue for this June wedding. Stacey & Robbie were such a wonderful couple to work with. Take a look at some pictures on their big photo day shoot by Footstone Photography!

The ceremony location was absolutely stunning on the resort’s beachfront property. We lined the aisle with floral balls on shepherds hooks, and we also created a bamboo arbor draped in sheer fabrics in their wedding colors with two floral buttons that accented the top. Take a look at the beautiful bride – she was beaming the whole day!

Clavette Ceremony Inspiration Board

After the ceremony, guests proceeded inside where cocktail hour began. Stacey & Robbie’s seating chart, set up where cocktail hour was held, was so cute and unique that we just had to share it! Below are pictures of the display Keith Watson Events & Footstone Photography helped design. Guests found their names on the seating chart displayed in a large picture frame and matched the table number listed to the designated champagne flute charm number.  Guests were then able to take a flute with their assigned table number charm to their table and enjoy the champagne as dinner was being served.

Clavette Seating Chart Inspiration Board

Orange and fuchsia continued in the decor at the reception. Stacey & Robbie wanted a very romantic feel for the decor with vintage centerpieces, as well as incorporating tropical floral design to complement their beach wedding. Take a look!

Clavette Centerpiece Inspiration Board

During the reception, we designed a head table for Stacey, Robbie and their son & daughter which displayed a complementing vintage floral arrangement in mint julep cups lining the front of the table. We also added a pipe and drape vignette backdrop with uplighting in their wedding colors which helped to make them the focal point of the room.

Clavette Sweetheart Table Inspiration Board

The champagne flute/guest seating chart table was later transformed into the wedding favor table.  Check out the couple’s wedding favors for guests. Personalized M&M’s in their wedding colors! How cute?!

Clavette Favor Inspiration Board

Not only did we love designing the decor and floral for this couple, but we also had so much fun at the wedding! Keith Watson Events wishes Stacey & Robbie Polvere a long and happy life together!

Tell us what you think of this wedding decor?

Christmas in July

Keith Watson Events was very excited to have the opportunity to showcase some upcoming holiday trends at The Hilton’s, “Christmas in July” event in Gainesville, Florida! Take a look at some of the Christmas displays we were able to present, complete with our Keith Watson Carolers! A big thanks to Powers Photography for these amazing images!

Christmas in July inspiration board 1

Christmas in July inspiration board 2

Christmas in July inspiration board 3

Christmas in July inspiration board 4


We are so thrilled to already have clients booking their holiday parties with us and can’t wait to open the Keith Watson Christmas Shop in the Tioga Town Center very soon. We just returned from a fun week at market, where we made so many fabulous Christmas purchases for the shop, so be on the lookout for more pictures of the new Christmas decor available for purchase soon!

Does this make anyone else SO excited for Christmas?!

Wood Inspired Wedding Decor

A rustic, natural theme is continuing to grow in popularity for events and is something brides are coming to Keith Watson Events looking to achieve at their wedding. Many brides have chosen to have some portion of their wedding outside whether that be their ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, or the entire event! Either way, incorporating rustic decor is a beautiful idea that we have seen accomplished in so many unique ways.

Willow branches are a gorgeous way to add another natural element into any floral arrangement. For centerpieces at dining tables, they are absolutely lovely placed with tall arrangements to create height and really wow guests. We love this display designed in a clear vase to allow guests to see the branches submerged in the water. Adding votive candle light surrounding this display really makes this entire arrangement stunning as evening approaches.

willow branch inspiration

Continuing with the wood decor accents,  wooden disks are an easy way to enhance a rustic theme at a wedding as well. Here at Keith Watson Events, we use this decor element often when designing rustic centerpieces. Whether using a few small wooden disks and placing mason jars, wine bottles, etc. on them or using one large wooden disk and placing a larger vase or bowl filled with flowers on it. Either arrangement can really play up that country feel brides are envisioning. We even love the idea of using a wooden disk as a cake stand! How creative!

Wooden Disk Decor

Finally, here are a few more creative ways to use wood decor accents that we just love! One idea we found was to use a log and cut out openings to hold guest’s place card holders. Another fun idea was to make table numbers out of wood. Even having wine barrels as decor is a great rustic addition to your decor.

rustic decor

What do you think of these rustic, country decor ideas? What are some other ways you’ve seen brides pull off this trending theme?

Bouquet Charms

Keith Watson Events has recently seen an increase in brides incorporating their own personal mementos in their weddings. For many of our weddings this season, we have noticed a reoccurring trend with our brides personalizing their bouquets by requesting to have a charm, locket, or some other personal item placed in their bouquet.

bouquet charm- 1

We think it is such a memorable way to recognize family members who aren’t present on this special day! Some brides put pictures of these loved ones in lockets to be placed in the bouquet. Others actually have something that belonged to this family member, such as a trinket or bracelet, worked into the bouquet. We think all of these personalized ideas are such unique ways to include someone who means so much to you.

bouquet charm- 2

Other ideas for brides to consider include incorporating your “something blue” item by having a trinket or personal good-luck charm placed into your bouquet. So far, we have been able to work in whatever brides give us to be placed on the handle of their bouquet. Whatever you can think up works for us!

What do you think of this special way to recognize a loved one or just dress up the handle of your bouquet?

July 4th Decor Inspirations

Every day is a reason to have a party here at Keith Watson Events, but the fourth of July created excitement to get our creative juices flowing and design decor to enhance this celebration of America!

We love that July 4th comes at the perfect time of the year to have a family gathering and enjoy the beautiful summer weather, so why not boost your guests’ experience by adding fun and easy decor to your outdoor table setting!


This summer season, we continue to fall in love with natural, rustic decor, and we are  inspired by these centerpiece arrangements that are so simple and easy to recreate. White hydrangea, red carnations, and roses were flowers we saw trending when researching decor for this holiday, and we think they really do add a pop of color to enhance the red, white, and blue theme! The mason jars, bottles, and lanterns also give the tablescape a rustic, country feel and work well to hold a nice arrangement of flowers for your guests to enjoy.


What are some of your July 4th decor ideas??