Great Gatsby Themed Party

A Great Gatsby or Roaring 20’s themed party is full of glamor and sparkle! Following the recent release of the movie “The Great Gatsby”, 1920’s themed parties have become a hot trend in events. Creating a party that takes your guests back to the Prohibition Era is easy. Start  with a classic pallet of black and gold and embellish with touches of crystal. For your tablescape, use simple patterned linens as a base and accent with gold rimmed charger plates or goldware for a more opulent feel. For the table numbers, opt for an art deco style cutout with a clean font for the numbers. Continue your art-deco feel with your food. Choose a clean geometric pattern for cakes or serve hors d’oeuvres on gold dishes.

Tablescape inspired by: Camille Styles  Table number inspired by: Style Unveiled Cakes inspired by: Lael Cakes Goldware inspired by: Ashley Bee Blog

Tablescape inspired by: Camille Styles
Table number inspired by: Style Unveiled
Cakes inspired by: Lael Cakes
Goldware inspired by: Ashley Bee Blog

We love these 20’s themed details that add that something special to the party. Instead of traditional chair sashes, consider a chair cover with beaded fringe, reminiscent of flirty flapper dresses. Pearl accents on napkin rings and in the floral design add a soft feel to the room.  For a more grand centerpiece, this feathered arrangement with orchids and crystals becomes a focal point in the room. We can’t forget the champagne! A champagne tower is a wonderful design element and is always a great hit with guests.

gatsby collage 2

Pearls inspired by: A Positively Beautiful Blog
Champagne tower inspired by: Champagne Macarons
Chair cover inspired by: Style Unveiled
Feathered centerpiece inspired by: Absolute Perfections

For a fun way to get your guests in the spirit, provide the male guests with fedoras and the female guests with long strands of pearls when they arrive. Continue the 20’s feel with a costumed live band to keep guests on the dance floor long into the night.

What do you think about throwing a Gatsby themed party? Are there any other ways to create a 1920’s feel?


Hosting a Carnival-Themed Party

Whether searching for birthday party ideas for your kids, or hosting a fun pool party and are in need of a unique theme, creating a carnival for guests to enjoy with entertaining  games and decor will definitely make your event a memorable one! We have found a variety of different DIY carnival party decor and game ideas that will make planning this event all fun and games!

Decor for this theme can be as simple or as extravagant as you want! Pinwheels, streamers, flags, and red and white stripes all scream carnival and are easy to incorporate to an outdoor setting for a carnival themed party! Below are some ideas we put together.

Use scrap fabric to make a tassel garland to decorate the carnival with. No sewing required! Another decor idea is to make a collection of pinwheels to give to the party guests or decorate the yard with. Streamers are always so easy to create and are a great way to decorate a party with. Keeping with the carnival theme, ticket streamers are such a fun decor idea and an easy one for the kids to get involved in. Make them by stapling rings of tickets together in a chain and hang them around the party area!


Tassel idea from: Pretty Prudent
Ticket streamer idea from: Pam Garrison
Pinwheel idea from: Style me Pretty

Games for guests to enjoy are essential at any carnival-themed party. There are so many clever and simple ideas out there, but here are a few that we thought were too cute not to share! Games for guests to partake in are also trending in vintage/outdoor weddings, and all these ideas can easily be recreated for a wedding as well!

Set up a pyramid of cans on top of a barrel and see who can knock them all down. This game definitely enhances the carnival theme, but the rustic feel of the barrel and cans also adds a unique vintage flair to the decor as well.  Another game idea to incorporate at your carnival party, is to set up a pretty ring toss game by painting the bottles and covering  hoop rings with fabric. This balloon dart game shown below is created by sticking balloons through a pegboard and seeing who can pop the most by throwing darts. So much fun!

Barrel and cans game idea by: Casa Sugar Balloon dart game idea by: Landee See, Landee Do Ring toss game idea by: Two shades of Pink

Barrel and cans game idea from: Casa Sugar
Balloon dart game idea from: Landee See, Landee Do
Ring toss game idea from: Two Shades of Pink

A couple of more game ideas include the Spray Away Game where guests get a ticket for each ping pong ball they can knock off the tee with a water gun, and a Bean Bag Toss where bowls are lined up in a row and guests attempt to throw bean bags to rack up the highest points.  To end the festivities, we found the “fish in a bag”, a clever game prize idea to give guests at the carnival.  You make fish shaped soap and set it inside bags of water. How cute!

Spray away game idea from: Martha Stewart Bean bag toss idea from: Morgan Moore Fish in a bag prize idea from: Cap Creations

Spray away game idea from: Martha Stewart
Bean bag toss idea from: Morgan Moore
Fish in a bag prize idea from: Cap Creations

What do you think of this theme for your next party?

Sweet 16 Birthday Party

What better way to celebrate a Sweet 16 birthday than with this awesome candy themed extravaganza! We absolutely loved designing this one-of-a-kind look for this candy-loving client!


Take a look at the candy-themed centerpieces that we fell in love with! First, we designed faux cotton candy trees covered in painted cotton with candy necklaces hanging from the branches.Doesn’t it look so tasty?


In addition, we designed another centerpiece for the party where we filled tall clear vases with pink gel and topped them with a ball of carnations- don’t forget the straw and cherry on top to resemble a milkshake!


We even added another faux cotton candy tree with REAL bags of edible cotton candy hanging from it for guests to enjoy


AND a candy bar! A teenager’s dream come true!

ImageWhat do you think about this theme for your next event?