Back to School

It’s that time of the year again! Children are back in school, and why not dress up your home with a little “back to school” decor to get the kids excited for this time of the year.

Wreaths are a great way to not only share your love for back to school with your family but also with your neighbors. Show them you creative side by displaying one of these adorable wreaths on your front door. Incorporating all different kinds of school supplies such as crayons, rulers, chalk boards, apples, etc. is an easy yet unique way to create “back to school” decor.

Back to School Wreath Inspiration Board

Ruler Wreath inspired by: Family Frugal Fun
Burlap Back to School Wreath inspired by: Etsy
Crayon Wreath inspired by: The Cutest Blog on The Block

Here are some cute ideas for “back to school” themed centerpieces at your home or even a unique idea to give to your children’s teachers! Again, using all sorts of school supplies in these centerpieces is a cost effective way to keep your tablescape bright and colorful and get kids in the school spirit! Adding fresh flowers such as daises, sunflowers, or carnations is another great idea to add pops of color to a table!

Back to School Centerpiece Inspiration Board

Pencils & Sunflower Centerpiece inspired by: Stubborns
Letter Magnets and Daisy Centerpiece inspired by: Hollyhocks & Honeybees
Colored Pencils and Sunflower Centerpiece inspired by: Catch my Party

Check out this awesome ruler table runner and pencil wall decor. These are easy DIY projects and would be great decor pieces that could easily be used every year when back to school rolls around to get kids excited!

Back to School Decor Inspiration Board

Pencil Wall Decor inspired by: Etsy
Ruler Table Runner inspired by: Flearing France

What do you think of these “back to school” decor ideas? What are some ways you get your children excited about the new school year?